Bag in Gift

We manufacture original, exclusive cardboard cylindrical cases customizable with two compatimentos. The upper designed to contain a BiB bag, and the lower one to incorporate any gift or product. Excellent fully customizable marketing tool, ideal for exclusive and business gifts.
Labeled with high quality sheets printed in offset and finished in hot stamping, varnishes, plasticized, silkscreen and relief.


We manufacture cardboard cylindrical cases, canisters, for bottles, luxury accessories and gifts, special cylindrical bag-in-box (BIB) canisters for wines and liquors, periscope canisters with metallic or printed or neutral cartridges. Offset printing and finishes in hot stamping, acrylic varnish, screen printing, dry relief and die-cut with special shapes.


We manufacture cylindrical cardboard boxes with the BIB system with metal lids to be closed in automatic machine or manually for a few productions. This product has a precision die-casting to extract the tap and an optional transport handle, either cord or plastic. Labeled with high quality sheets printed on offset and finished in hot stamping, varnish or laminated, silkscreen printing and relief.